How to Get Your Kids Involved with Home Gardening

How to Get Your Kids Involved with Home Gardening

If you’re spending a lot of time at home with your kids (as many of us during COVID-19 are), you’re likely looking for something else you can do with them. Gardening is an excellent pastime to introduce your kids to as it shows them where the food they eat and the plants they admire come from. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to get them busy outside for a few hours while you get some of your own work done! Here’s how you can help your kids start a home garden.

Give Them Their Very Own Space

If you already have a garden, simply set aside a section for your kids. Otherwise, get them a separate planter or a few pots so they can have their very own growing space. Even if you live in an apartment, you can get some balcony containers or some windowsill pots.

Have Them Decide What to Grow

Ask your child(ren) what they would like to grow in their garden space. Would they like to grow flowers, or maybe food? Do some research together to find out what’s currently in season and what the best options are for their garden.

Gather All the Necessary Supplies

If you already have a garden started, you may have extra soil, seeds, and tools they can use. On the other hand, you may want to order supplies online for them specifically. Ask around to friends and neighbours who may have some extra seeds or starters they may be willing to give you.

Show Them How to Plant

Explain to your child(ren) about how soil works and consider explaining compost if they’re old enough to understand. You may even be able to help them start one. Show them how seeds need to be planted and do research to find out where and how each type of plant is best to grow.

Make It Extra Fun

Maybe your kids would like to decorate the pot or planter they’re going to use, or they can create a rock garden around the plants. Perhaps fairies will visit their garden, and they need some pinecones to hide in. Encourage your child’s imagination to run wild! This will help them want to tend to their garden regularly and create a special outdoor space just for them.

Teach Them How to Maintain Their Garden

Although your kids are probably very eager to see those seedlings pop up or their first fruits and veggies appear, you’ll have to explain that their garden will need a bit of maintenance first.
Show them how to pull weeds, the best way to water, and once it’s ready, how to harvest what they grew.

Set aside time for them every day to go check on and maintain their garden.

Allow Them to Enjoy What They’ve Grown

Help your child feel proud of what they’ve achieved in their garden space. If they’ve planted fruits and vegetables, create a special meal out of their harvested food. And if they’ve planted flowers or plants, allow your child to create an arrangement from what they’ve picked.


Gardening with kids can often teach you just as much as it teaches them. It can be a fun, creative, learning experience for all of you — and will give you some wonderful food or flowers in return.
Please contact me to let me know what your kids are growing in their home garden and if you have any questions about Victoria’s real estate.

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