How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

How to Prepare Your Garden for Spring

Spring is in the air, and these warmer days make us long to be outside tending to our gardens. No matter if you only have a few plants on your deck or a yard full of fruits and vegetables, it’s that exciting time of year when you should start preparing for your spring gardening! Here’s where to start:

Tidy Up Your Garden

Get out into your garden and pull out the weeds and clean up any debris. This allows you to see what’s in your garden — what’s still growing and what could possibly grow again with a little nurturing. It also gives you a chance to see exactly how much room you have left for planting new things.

Take Inventory of Your Tools

Are you missing your small shovel? Or did you shove your broken rake back into the shed at the end of last summer? Get everything out to see what you have, then make a list of the essential tools you need to buy or replace.
You should also take this time to give the tools you’re going to re-use a good clean. Since they’ve been sitting for a while, they may have bugs or bacteria on them which you don’t want to infect your new spring garden with.

Pick Up Your Summer Bulbs Now

Some plants grow best when planted at certain times of the year. Visit your local garden centre to talk to the experts about the plants you like, what you should plant, and at which times for them to thrive in your area.

Watch for Pests

While you’re cleaning out your garden, and before you plant your new bulbs, keep a close eye out for any pests — or any evidence of pests. Take the time to safely get rid of these pests before you plant anything new. Ask the experts at your local garden centre for advice on how to do it safely and without chemicals.

Try Something New

Why not try planting something new this year? Pick a fruit you and your family love but have never planted, or pick a vegetable no one has ever tried and look for different ways to eat it once it’s grown. Or if you usually plant pink and red flowers, add a splash of yellow flowers into your spring garden this year. Again, the experts at your local gardening centre are a fantastic resource for getting new ideas about what will work well in your garden.

Create a Compost

Your garden will thank you if you create your own compost, and so will the environment! Using the organic waste you’ll be producing, like eggshells, grass clippings, vegetable peelings, etc., you can create fertile soil that will help your garden thrive.
You can buy a special starter compost box to make it really easy on yourself or you can build a box in the corner of your yard and start it from scratch. For more information on how to create and/or cultivate compost, click here.
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